Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Who Completes the Honor Roll Applications?

Why it is important the primary Administrator is verified?
  • We are very sensitive about ensuring that all correspondence with regard to the Catholic High School Honor Roll is directed to or through the head of the school. Thus, as the primary Administrator, we feel it to be our obligation to send information related to the Honor Roll directly to you or through you to share with others.

  • We will invite you to participate in conference calls and other media exchanges allowing you to network with Administrators throughout the country. The contact information you provide will be used to facilitate these meetings.

  • Based upon our experience with the 2012 Honor Roll Program, we feel excellent schools were not properly recognized due to entries not being completed by the primary Administrator (information was compiled by staff, e.g. administrative assistants, marketing specialists, or recruiting directors). The Administrator is keenly aware of all aspects associated with Catholic identity and therefore can best accurately represents their schools by completing and/or signing off on the application for The Outstanding Catholic School Award.

What is an Administrator and what is an Editor?
  • The title Administrator indicates to the staff of the Catholic High School Honor Roll the person who serves in the roll of Principal or Head of School.  Acknowledging that there may be some instances, where there may be two senior leaders of a school (e.g., president and principal), we will allow for more than one administrator. All correspondence to the school will come to or through the administrator. This is particularly important for schools who will be applying to be considered in The Outstanding Catholic School Award.  All correspondence and notification are only made to the person listed as the primary Administrator.

  • An editor may be a designated person (e.g., Executive/Administrative Assistant) who can assist the administrator(s) in the updating school information or entering responses in The Outstanding Catholic School Award.

Why only two Administrators and one Editor?
  • In an effort to assure consistency and accuracy of information, we are asking that a school be represented in the Catholic High School Honor Roll by the primary Administrator and one other individual who has the capability of representing the Administrator. The editor is most likely the executive/administrative assistant of the Administrator. This individual may assist the administrator in updating school information, completing the membership form, or entering responses in The Outstanding Catholic School Award.

  • In the past, the information associated with the recognition program was completed by the primary Administrator, the Chair of the Theology Department and the Chair head of the Social Studies Department. That is no longer a requirement and thus there is no need for additional administrators/editors.
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