Friday, August 22, 2014

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Indicators of an Outstanding Catholic School

StudentsAll members of the Catholic High School Honor Roll embrace, support, and pledge to work toward achieving the following “Indicators of an Outstanding Catholic School.”

  1. Institutional Commitment: The school demonstrates to its faculty, administration and community in its mission, policies, teaching, actions, and associations a commitment to Catholic ideals, attitudes, principles, and teaching in fidelity to the extraordinary and ordinary Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

  2. Mission-Centered Individuals: When recruited, selected, retained, or promoted, every school leader, administrator, and faculty member—and every other employee or volunteer with significant interaction with students—is evaluated for a sincere commitment to enhance the faithful Catholic identity of the school.  Every such individual is informed of the school’s Catholic identity and their responsibility to respect and promote that identity.

  3. Protecting the Mission: The school develops and maintains policies and programs to ensure the continued expression, preservation, and enhancement of the school’s Catholic identity and is prepared to address potential obstacles and both internal and external threats to that identity.




Catholic Is Our Core

Contact the Honor Roll:

The Cardinal Newman Society
ATTN: Catholic High School Honor Roll
9720 Capital Court, Ste. 201
Manassas, VA 20110

(703) 367-0333 x 205
(703) 396-8668 (fax)

For general questions pertaining to the Catholic High School Honor Roll contact: info [at] catholichonorroll [dot] org.

For specific questions pertaining to the enrollment process of the Honor Roll or questions on the application forms, contact: honorroll [at] catholichonorroll [dot] org.
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