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Excellent resources and tools are available to help Catholic high schools succeed and enhance Catholic identity.  We are building a wealth of information to help Catholic high schools thrive while staying faithful to the Church. Return to this page often to see new items brought online.

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Catholic Schools, Firing Policies and Teacher Misconduct
An essay by E. Christian Brugger, PhD., Senior Fellow of Ethics and Director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation

The question which has been in the news recently is as follows: Should teachers, faculty members or school administrators be terminated if they are found to be guilty of grave moral misconduct in their private lives?

Because each Catholic school has elements unique to itself—mission statements, constituencies, financial needs—and each employment situation is unique, and the circumstances surrounding each instance of misconduct is unique, there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to this question. But certain consistent principles can be considered and practical measures taken to assist schools in responding well to the problem of employee misconduct. This essay discusses both. Read more...

Private Affairs and Private Institutions: Your Kids at Risk?
An essay by Frank Moncher, Senior Fellow of Social Sciences at the Culture of Life Foundation

"Two Catholic dioceses this year have faced the dilemma of teachers who are planning to marry same-sex partners, one going public via Facebook and the other directly contacting his school leadership to inform it of his plans. These disclosures have raised a great debate. What is the right thing for a diocese to do when an employee openly violates church teaching? How do we balance justice and mercy, knowing that neither is possible without the other? It should be noted that this is not only an issue of same-sex attracted persons, as heterosexual cohabitation presents a similar dilemma." Read more...

These articles are part of a collaborative series between The Cardinal Newman Society and the Culture of Life Foundation on complex moral issues in Catholic education policy. This series is intended to inform discussion and should not be regarded as definitive statements of policy or practice. The views expressed herein are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Cardinal Newman Society or the Culture of Life Foundation.




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