Friday, May 27, 2016

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Common Core Standards

StudentIn the United States, standards-based education provides the framework for what “experts” determine are necessary student outcomes. Until the creation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in 2010, Catholic schools aligned their curriculum to performance standards that had been developed by dioceses and/or adopted in each individual state. As the demographics and priorities of citizens in each state and locality will vary, so too do educational standards.

With the Common Core, the private Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – together with the National Governors Association and public school leaders – took on a project that the federal Education Department has been unable to accomplish on its own: national standards to ensure consistency of educational outcomes throughout the United States.

The Common Core State Standards are intended to be “essential, rigorous, clear and specific, coherent, and internationally benchmarked” and should “raise the bar” for all students and ensure “success” in college or the workplace. But experts disagree whether they accomplish that purpose, in part because the standards have never been tested.

Currently, the English Language Arts and Mathematics standards are published. Social Studies and Science standards are yet to be published. Below you will find links to the actual standards and analyses and critiques of them from multiple sources.

Key Information

Analysis of English Language Arts Standards

Analysis of Mathematics Standards

Analysis of Science Standards

Analysis of Social Science Standards

Analysis of Common Core-Related Curricula and Texts

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