Benedictine College Prays for Injured Son of Dean


Benedictine College prays, and seeks prayers, for the son of Dean Kim Shankman who was critically injured in a motor vehicle accident last week.

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High school senior, Johnny Shankman, son of Benedictine College Dean Dr. Kimberly Shankman, was involved with several friends in a single-car accident last week. He has was the only one hurt, but has been in critical condition ever since, with a roller-coaster ride of improvements and setbacks.

Meg Hunter-Kilmer, a former religion teacher of Shankman’s from Maur Hill-Mount Academy, writing at Held By His Pierced Hands, explained that Shankman was riding in the back of a pickup truck with some friends when the truck slid off the road and rolled, throwing him from the vehicle. Shankman suffered massive head trauma, a collapsed lung, and other injuries. Shankman has already undergone four brain surgeries and lung surgery. To alleviate pressure and further damage, doctors removed some of Shankman's permanently damaged brain tissue.

According to the most recent updates from Dean Shankman’s Facebook page:

John is out of surgery now. We are waiting and praying. Everything that can be done for him has been done. It's back in God’s hands now.

I would also ask for prayers for the boy who was driving the truck. He was not hurt physically, but he is suffering terribly. He is one of Johnny’s best friends.

Kim and her husband Don would very much like prayers from the Catholic community for their son’s recovery and acceptance of God’s will.

Hunter-Kilmer is promoting prayer and asking for a miracle through the intercession of Blessed Pope John Paul II. She described Shankman as "smart and inquisitive" and "the best storyteller I’ve ever known."