Monday, May 30, 2016

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Religious Freedom

The Higher Education Program of The Cardinal Newman Society works with attorneys to help Catholic colleges prepare for threats to their religious freedom including:

  • Representing their interests in communications with government agencies and representatives in response to threats to religious freedom and faithful Catholic education;
  • Preparing legal documents in support of Catholic colleges where religious freedom is being impinged; and
  • Investigating the practical impact of government laws, regulations and policies that may impact Catholic colleges.


Supporting Archbishop Cordileone in San Francisco

Why the Marin Catholic nuns walked out” │ Dan Guernsey │ San Francisco Chronicle │ 4.22.15

Opinion: Where’s the Tolerance in San Francisco?” │ Dan Guernsey │ Catholic Education Daily │ 4.17.15

Are Catholic Schoolteachers ‘Ministers’?” │ Patrick J. Reilly │ National Catholic Register │ 2.20.15

Usual Suspects Protest Archbishop Cordileone’s School Reforms” │ Gerri Downing Laird │ Crisis Magazine Online │ 2.19.15

Archbishop Cordileone is a true shepherd of Catholic schools” │ Bob Laird │ San Francisco Chronicle │ 2.11.15

Supporting The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

Catholics Fight for Freedom in Washington, D.C.” | Robert E. Laird | Crisis Magazine Online | 1.2.15

School Ground Bullies in the Nation’s Capital” │ Patrick J. Reilly │ The Wall Street Journal │ 12.26.14

General resources

"Court May Deny Religious Liberty of Catholic Schools" │ Patrick J. Reilly │ Crisis Magazine Online │ 4.30.15

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - Religious Liberty Page

USCCB Religious Liberty Fact Sheet

USCCB Call to Prayer for Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty

USCCB Special Message on HHS Mandate

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty - Current and Past Cases

CNS and USCCB Responses to HHS Mandate

October 2014 - Comment Submitted to HHS in response to Mandate proposed rule
by Alliance Defending Freedom for The Cardinal Newman Society and Catholic colleges

October 2014 – USCCB Comments on Interim Final Rules on Coverage of Certain Preventive Services Under the Affordable Care Act

August 2014 - Statement of The Cardinal Newman Society in response to new interim final rule to HHS Mandate

April 2013 - Comment Submitted to HHS in response to Mandate proposed rule
by Alliance Defending Freedom for the Center and Catholic colleges

March 2013 - Comment on Proposed HHS Mandate Rule

October 2012 - Amicus Court Brief in Support of Lawsuits Filed by Belmont Abbey College and Wheaton College
by Alliance Defending Freedom

July 2012 - Letter to Catholic College President Regarding a "Temporary One-Year Enforcement Safe Harbor" from the HHS Mandate
by Alliance Defense Fund

May 2012 - Comment Submitted to HHS in Response to HHS Proposed Rules on Mandated Contraception and Sterilization Coverage
by Alliance Defense Fund for the Center and Catholic colleges

May 2012 - Comment on Proposed HHS Mandate Rule

September 2011 - Comments on Interim Final Rules on Preventative Services
by Alliance Defense Fund for the Center and Catholic colleges

August 2011 - Legal Analysis of HHS Mandate for Catholic College and University Leaders
by Alliance Defense Fund


June 2015 – Letter to U.S. House and Senate leaders expressing concern with the potential loss of tax-exempt status for educational institutions should the Supreme Court find constitutional legitimacy for same-sex marriage. The Cardinal Newman Society along with many faithful Catholic schools and colleges signed.

The Cardinal Newman Society Comments to District of Columbia Bill removing the Armstrong Amendment from the DC Human Rights Law

Life Legal Defense Fund and Alliance Defending Freedom’s Letter on Behalf of The Cardinal Newman Society to California’s Department of Managed Health Care protesting their requirement for abortions to be part of all non-self-funded health plans in the state

Whether Religious Colleges Are Legally Required to Maintain Co-Ed Dorms
by Alliance Defense Fund

Comment on Proposed Guidance for Tax-Exempt Social Welfare Organizations on Candidate-Related Political Activities (Summary for this comment is available here)
by Alliance Defending Freedom

Saint Thomas More


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