Monday, May 23, 2016

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Projects and Programs of The Cardinal Newman Society

Informing Catholics about Catholic education

Catholic Education Daily
Catholic Education Daily is an online publication of The Cardinal Newman Society to inform Catholics about the latest developments in Catholic education. Subscribers receive reports by email.

Member Publications
Cardinal Newman Society publications including Campus Notes and Renewal Report are mailed to bishops, educators and contributing members to keep them informed of the Society’s activities and key issues in Catholic education.

Helping families choose faithful Catholic education

The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College
The Newman Guide recommends and profiles more than two dozen faithful Catholic college-level programs in the U.S. and abroad. The Guide is available free of charge at or can be purchased in book form.

My Future, My Faith
This full-color magazine features more than a dozen articles designed to help Catholic students and parents navigate the transition from high school to college. My Future, My Faith is available free of charge at, and the print version is distributed to tens of thousands of high school students nationwide.

Catholic High School Honor Roll
The Catholic High School Honor Roll recognizes and encourages strong Catholic identity and academic excellence in high schools nationwide.  See

Recruit Me
A new initiative of The Society to allow faithful Catholic colleges to compete for those students who desire to attend one of their institutions. It is a simple form which, when completed, is transmitted to the admissions offices of the Catholic colleges listed in The Newman Guide.

Helping strengthen Catholic identity

The Higher Education Program
The higher education program facilitates collaboration among Catholic college and university leaders to share, formulate and promote policies and programs that strengthen and preserve Catholic identity and protect religious liberty.

K-12 Program
The K-12 program promotes and defends faithful Catholic education through multiple initiatives such as the Catholic Education Honor Roll,, and efforts to protect religious freedom. It also inspires collaboration among school and diocesan education leaders toward improving the Catholic identity of their schools.

Religious Freedom
The Society, working with the top religious freedom legal organizations in the country and other like-minded organizations, is working to protect and defend the Catholic identity of all educational institutions from attacks against their ability to teach and practice the Catholic faith.


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