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Resources for Catholic Schools


Challenges and Ambiguities at the World Congress on Education | Dan Guernsey | Crisis Magazine | 11.25.15

Gay Activists Target Marin Catholic HS in San Francisco | Dan Guernsey | Crisis Magazine.



Catholic Athletes for Christ – “Catholic Athletes for Christ serves Catholic athletes in the practice of their faith and shares the Gospel in and through sports. Contact them to join a growing number of schools with a CAC Chapter program.”


Catholic Identity Assessment

Catholic Education Honor Roll – awards program of The Cardinal Newman Society

Catholic Identity Self-Assessment Guide (under development by The Cardinal Newman Society)

The Catholic Schools Identity Assessment  – An assessment program sponsored by the Catholic Education Foundation.


Common Core Concerns

See Catholic Is Our Core resources.


Educational Philosophy

Diocese of Marquette – philosophical underpinnings for a curricular framework

The Lost Tools of Learning

Institute for Catholic Liberal Education


Exciting High School Summer Programs at Newman Guide Colleges

Here is a summary of programs for high school students at Newman Guide Colleges. The stories about the specific programs can be found here.

Thomas Aquinas College

Ave Maria University

Benedictine College

Mount St. Mary's University

New Hampshire
Northeast Catholic College
Thomas More College of Liberal Arts

North Dakota
University of Mary

Franciscan University of Steubenville

DeSales University

University of Dallas
University of St. Thomas

Christendom College

Washington, DC.
The Catholic University of America

Wyoming Catholic College


Faculty Resource Material

Gravissimum Educationis In-Service


Human Resources - Recruiting

Catholic Jobs Online

Ave Maria Career Services

Benedictine College Careers

Catholic University of America - Office of Career Services

Franciscan University Career Services

University of Dallas Career Services


Human Sexuality Resources

Gender Ideology Resource - USCCB


Journals, Magazines, Radio, News

Catholic Answers Magazine



First Things

Holy See’s Press Office

Inside the Vatican

National Catholic Register

L’Osservatore Romano

Mindszenty Report

New Oxford Review

Our Sunday Visitor

Register Radio

Relevant Radio


Legal Resources

American Catholic Lawyers Association

Alliance Defending Freedom - Protecting Your Ministry from Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Lawsuits. This document has sample language and steps religious schools can take to avail themselves of the broadest religious liberty and protection available under current law.

Becket Fund for Religious Liberty - HHS Mandate

Home School Legal Defense Association

State Regulations for Private Schools

Thomas More Law Center



The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education – “The Institute’s mission is to serve and inspire educators by forming them in the unity of faith and reason that is central to spreading the Gospel message in the modern world.”

The National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools – NAPCIS is: “an accreditation association, a teacher certification program, a resource agency to assist in the start-up of small schools, a service agency to assist administrators and teachers in the application of Catholic teaching and sound academic principles.”

FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) – Isn’t FOCUS for Catholic University students? Yes, but their Bible studies are specifically geared toward young people, and are available for free online. Even if your students aren’t the ‘target audience’ for FOCUS materials, your campus ministers may find these resources useful.


Professional Development

Circe Institute

Faith and Reason Institute

Magnificat – used as faculty devotional

Sophia Institute for Teachers – Newly created resource for faith-based lesson plans. Multi-Site professional development located at varies cities and times.

The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education – Annual teacher retreat and conference.

Word On Fire – This wonderful in-depth series of 12-22 sessions (depending upon session time) is designed for adults exploring the Catholic Faith or seeking a deeper understanding of the Faith. Schools can use this as an opportunity for faculty and staff spiritual development. Administrators can register for a free webinar to learn more about these products at or view a previously recorded webinar.




Bethlehem Press

Catholic Heritage Curricula – Comprehensive resource for multiple subject areas. Has unique resources for speech and policy debate and even Catholic economics. Boasts a Catholic Apologetic Supplement for Conceptual Physical science. Has some in-house created resources, but relies on other publishers for textbook resale in some areas. Has complete sequenced Language Arts program (Reading, Handwriting, Grammar, Composition). Has lesson plan books. Also source for two excellent high school theology supplements by Sr. Terese Auer, O.P., The Human Person: Dignity Beyond Compare and Called to Happiness: Guiding Ethical Principles.

Catholic Textbook Project

Classically Catholic Memory

Daughters of St. Paul

Didache Textbook Series

Ignatius Press – Critical Edition novels for the classroom.

Kolbe Academy

Lepanto Press

Loreto Publications

Magis Center – High School Theology supplement: What science says about God.


Neuman Press

Principles and Choices – High school theology supplement.

Sophia Institute Press

Tan Books


Classical Science

Classical Writing – Sequenced writing series for K-12.

Memoria Press – Comprehensive sequential curriculum resources and teacher guides for grades K-12. Includes Writing composition and grammar, American History and Geography, Literature and Poetry, Phonics, Penmanship, Logic and Rhetoric, Classical studies, Greek third grade and beyond, French 6-8 grade, Science K-8.

Yesterdays Classics – World History, Greece, Rome, England, Literature.


Researched Reports

Catholic Schools, Firing Policies and Teacher Misconduct
An essay by E. Christian Brugger, PhD., Senior Fellow of Ethics and Director of the Fellows Program at the Culture of Life Foundation

The question which has been in the news recently is as follows: Should teachers, faculty members or school administrators be terminated if they are found to be guilty of grave moral misconduct in their private lives?

Because each Catholic school has elements unique to itself—mission statements, constituencies, financial needs—and each employment situation is unique, and the circumstances surrounding each instance of misconduct is unique, there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to this question. But certain consistent principles can be considered and practical measures taken to assist schools in responding well to the problem of employee misconduct. This essay discusses both. Read more...

Private Affairs and Private Institutions: Your Kids at Risk?
An essay by Frank Moncher, Senior Fellow of Social Sciences at the Culture of Life Foundation

"Two Catholic dioceses this year have faced the dilemma of teachers who are planning to marry same-sex partners, one going public via Facebook and the other directly contacting his school leadership to inform it of his plans. These disclosures have raised a great debate. What is the right thing for a diocese to do when an employee openly violates church teaching? How do we balance justice and mercy, knowing that neither is possible without the other? It should be noted that this is not only an issue of same-sex attracted persons, as heterosexual cohabitation presents a similar dilemma." Read more...

These articles are part of a collaborative series between The Cardinal Newman Society and the Culture of Life Foundation on complex moral issues in Catholic education policy. This series is intended to inform discussion and should not be regarded as definitive statements of policy or practice. The views expressed herein are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Cardinal Newman Society or the Culture of Life Foundation.

The Call to Teach: Expectations for the Catholic Educator in Magisterial Teaching
By Jamie F. Arthur, Ph.D., June 2015

Faith and Morals Language in Catholic School Teacher Employment Documents: Best Practices Brief
By Denise Donohue, Ed.D., and Dan Guernsey, Ed.D., June 2015

These best practices in Catholic school employment agreements from Catholic dioceses in the United States represent a few selected examples from our much larger companion report, Faith and Morals Language in Catholic School Teacher Employment Documents: A Compilation from Diocesan Statements, Handbooks and Contracts. They are presented as strong examples of the different mechanisms that dioceses are using to articulate the expectations they have of their teachers in the areas of faith and morals.

Faith and Morals Language in Catholic School Teacher Employment Documents: A Compilation from Diocesan Statements, Handbooks and Contracts
By Denise Donohue, Ed.D., and Dan Guernsey, Ed.D., June 2015

A companion to the Cardinal Newman Society’s analysis, Faith and Morals Language in Catholic School Teacher Employment Documents: Best Practices Brief, this compilation provides additional source material for researching and reviewing faith and morals clauses in diocesan employment documents for Catholic school teachers. The citations were collected from Catholic dioceses in the United States during the second quarter of 2015. .



Bioethics – John Paul the Great Catholic High School in Dumfries, VA (2012 Honor Roll School) has built its curriculum around the bioethics theme.  While you may not desire to follow suit, the two textbooks written by Sr. Terese Auer, O.P. listed below are excellent supplemental materials for any religion or ethics course.

“Each parent of the students attending JP the Great are required to take an abbreviated version of the course. I took it with my wife several years ago along with a priest. The priest noted that the students are JP the Great are getting a better understanding of the human person than what is being taught to our seminarians preparing for the priesthood.” – Bob Laird, Manager, Catholic Honor Roll

The Human Person: Dignity Beyond Compare” by Sr. Terese Auer, O.P.

Called to Happiness: Guiding Ethical principles” by Sr. Terese Auer, O.P.

History - The Catholic Schools Textbook Project - Already at 4 hard cover History Textbooks and one ebook for High School History, this publisher anticipates a soon to be released new print edition of the High School Catholic-based American History text. Teacher Manuals are available for all text with scope and sequence per chapter, key terms and definitions, answer keys for end-of-chapter review questions, as well as end-of-chapter activity suggestions. Student Workbooks are also available. Grade range is 5th through 12th. The company is also hosting an essay contest for 5th through 8th grade parochial, private, or home schooled students. Deadline is May 22 for schools and May 29 for home schooled students.

Life Issues- Principles and Choices is a revolutionary new high school program that helps students master the principles of logic, ethics, and justice that inspire them to live with purposes, moral integrity, and care for human life. It is authored by Camille Pauley and is based on the work of Father Robert Spitzer, S.J., the former president of Gonzaga University and the co-founder of the Healing the Culture Institute.

“I have known the authors for many years and they have a thoroughly vetted and tested product. Their units are designed to step the student through the logical progression of thought from the basic principles to the application of those principles in real-life examples.” – Bob Laird

The program gives students a strong philosophical education in ten core principles that ground Church teachings on respect for human life,social justice, and many other contemporary issues.

Principles and Choices is designed for maximum flexibility. It can be taught in classrooms as a supplemental unit for a core curriculum subject such as philosophy, religion,social studies, or health. Yet it’s also adaptable for campus ministry programs,church youth groups, and even adult religious education.

This supplemental curriculum can be taught as a four-week unit in each grade level, or shortened to fit available classroom time.Alternatively the learning can be extended over an entire semester by teaching one chapter on a particular day each week, or all the books can be combined and taught as its own course.

P&C contains a wide variety of textbook, social media,internet, drama, DVD, and audio-visual resources to choose from. Teacher materials are comprehensive, including complete learning plans, pacing guides, guiding questions, lecture notes, assessment evidence, scripture and catechism references, downloadable assignments and handouts, and more.

Visit the Principles and Choices website or watch their short online video here.

Principles and ChoicesNEW: P&C User's Guides for Major Religion Textbooks

Principles & Choices is now offering a new tool that helps high school teachers integrate the P&C curriculum with the religion text they are using. P&C User's Guides are available for the following textbooks: 

  • The Credo Series (Veritas)
  • The Curriculum Framework Series (OSV)
  • Living in Christ (St. Mary's Press)
  • The Didache Series, Semester Edition (Midwest Theological Forum)
  • The Didache Series: Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church (MTF)
  • The Framework Curriculum Series (Ave Maria Press)

To obtain a user's guide, or for more information on implementing P&C within the context of your religion curriculum, contact them at 855-664-6598 or email at

Science – The integration of Faith and Reason can never be more necessary than in the search to answer the question “Who created the Universe”? The Magis Center, who brings us The Reason Series for 9 -10th grade students, also has a series that fulfills the Bishops’ Framework for seniors titled Science, God, and Creation. Teachers can download numerous articles, supplemental videos, and resources from their website as well as participate in an online chat with experts. Also recommended for 10th grade and up is the DVD series From Nothing to Cosmos. This comes with a student workbook and study guide. Keep an eye out for their newest work coming in the fall, titled Happiness!  

Faith, Science, and Reason. Christopher Baglow. Beautifully illustrated and thoroughly faithful to the Christian Faith and the teaching of the Catholic Church, this book is a must-read for anyone struggling to understand the credibility of the Christian Faith in the light of modern science and the possibility of a friendly reunion of faith and science in contemporary society.

"Baglow takes authentic and unadulterated Catholic teaching and authentic and unadulterated science and shows them to be in wonderful harmony. He shows that the record of the Catholic Church in relation to science is one to be proud of, and indeed quite glorious."
– Prof. Stephen M. Barr, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Delaware,
 Author of Modern Physics and Ancient Faith

Theology supplement: WORD ON FIRE Catholic Study programs for adults, now has a middle and high school supplemental program based on its outstanding Catholicism series. Titled Catholicism: Pilgrimage Journal, this series is specifically for students in the 12-17 age range whether homeschooled or in a religious education program. There are 20 sessions, each at 60 minutes. A facilitator’s guide, DVD set, and student journal are available. Watch for Catholicism: School Enrichment (for the same age ranges), coming in 2016. See CATHOLICISMSCHOOL.COM.

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