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About The Newman Guide

The Cardinal Newman Society recommends for your consideration all of the colleges and universities in this Guide, because of their commitment to providing a faithful Catholic education. The Newman Guide is a great first step in your college search, but no guide can identify the college that is the best fit for a particular student.

All of the fine institutions recommended in this Guide are unique, each with their own special charism, approach to education, and campus culture.  Read more...

F.A.Q. About the Guide

There are many common questions about The Newman Guide and we want you to have all the answers.

Parents and students often want to know...

  • Can I choose any college in this Guide and get the same kind of Catholic experience as at another?
  • What is the special value of a Catholic education?
  • Can I get a good education at Catholic colleges and universities that are not included in this Guide?

To get answers to these and many other common questions, please read F.A.Q.s About This Guide.


Requesting Inclusion in the Guide

Catholic colleges and universities that wish to learn about the application process for The Newman Guide should visit our Requesting Inclusion page.

About the Cardinal Newman Society

Founded in 1993, The Cardinal Newman Society is dedicated to promoting and defending faithful Catholic education. The Society is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization.

In addition to publishing The Newman Guide, The Cardinal Newman Society has a broad range of programs:

  • The Society’s K-12 program advances faithful Catholic education through such initiatives as the Catholic Education Honor Roll and

  • The Cardinal Newman Society’s Higher Education program works to support and foster collaboration among those presidents, faculty and staff interested in strengthening and protecting their colleges' Catholic identity.

  • The Society’s email service and online publication, Catholic Education Daily, report on developments in Catholic education and defend Catholic identity by shining a light on scandal.

  • The Society promotes Eucharistic Adoration and is the national coordinator for the display of the Vatican’s International Exposition “The Eucharistic Miracles of the World” on college campuses.
For more information on The Cardinal Newman Society and its programs, to stand with us for faithful Catholic education as a member, or to make a donation, please visit us on the web at
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