Sunday, May 29, 2016

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Read This Before Searching the Guide

The Cardinal Newman Society recommends for your consideration all of the colleges and universities in this Guide, because of their commitment to providing a faithful Catholic education. The Newman Guide is a great first step in your college search, but no guide can identify the college that is the best fit for a particular student.

All of the fine institutions recommended in this Guide are unique, each with have their own special charism, approach to education, and campus culture.

For instance, some of the colleges immerse students in every aspect of faithful Catholic life “from the classroom to the dorm room,” as we like to say. The students at these colleges tend to be mostly or entirely Catholic and motivated by their faith.

On the other hand, some of the other colleges, while fully and faithfully Catholic, serve a more diverse group of students. At these institutions the Catholic culture will tend to be less intense or overt. This is typically more apparent in student activities and dorm life than in the classroom.

Also, many of the Newman Guide colleges are liberal arts institutions, while several others offer a wide variety of majors. Some have extensive athletics and club activities; others favor a quiet atmosphere for contemplation and study. Some have a strong core curriculum that may run through all four years of an undergraduate program, while others offer students a choice of electives and encourage specialization. Some allow opposite sex visitation in dorms, while others do not.

In general, one type of institution may not be better than the other. But one type may be better for your unique needs.

The editors believe this is important to highlight, because we occasionally hear from parents and students who mistakenly assume that every college in The Newman Guide provides the same type of experience, education and living arrangement as another.

Parents and students need to look carefully at each college to decide if what it offers is what you need and are looking for. You’ll find good advice in our companion publication, My Future, My Faith. And we cannot recommend enough a campus visit, including an overnight stay on a Friday or Saturday night.

We are delighted in the diversity of the institutions in The Newman Guide, offering a number of great options for every student who is seeking a faithful Catholic education. We pray that you successfully find the college that is the best fit for you.

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